Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Music slowly erasing my brain

Being that the Christmas season has finally passed us by, the jolly off tune voices of little children are no longer forcing me to drive a screwdriver through my skull. I must say that despite my discontent for all things holiday-ish, this year has been a rather enjoyable one. The desperate desire for a respectable music was fulfilled by the gift of a rather sleek 30 gig black ipod.
I cannot describe the absolute joy that such a gift has brought me. My music collection cannot even scratch the storage capacity of such a fantastic device, but I am certain various forms of intriguing reggae will soon fill my soul. Even more impressive were the peripherals which seemed to have formed from a Mac genius' wet dreams.
Given my distaste for the public at large, the ability to ignore mass idiots with for hours upon end just fills me unenviable glee. I am actually glowing at the moment. A slight orange melange of sorts.

In more relevant news, I wish that my previous jobs had offered a severance package of over $200 million.
I have never performed a job poorly as this schmuck (yes the title is appropriate), and yet he will live securely in a rather large mansion surrounded by a large number of cabana boys for the rest of his natural life. When nearly a quarter of Americans cannot afford even the basest of health care, to pay such an egregious amount for someone to vacate a position seems not only obtuse but evil.

For my final note I have only one offering: GO BOISE STATE!