Thursday, January 18, 2007

Those damned icicles

Imagine if you will the hypothetical existence of perfection. Ask where this perfection exists, and the answer will blow your mind. Hypothetically that is.

HBO in all their glorious wisdom will be adapting "A Song of Fire and Ice," series of books by George R.R. Martin for television. The extraneous form of visual pictures unfortunately. While HBO's previous attempts at serial television have been met with critical success I have never truly felt the need to spend such hard earned cash on so few channels. What I have seen of the HBO series', have been mixed. I know that my heresy here may condemn me forever yet it must be said. The Sopranos was and is overrated. It is an eloquently done show, yet it is merely Goodfellas done serialized. Having caught a number of episodes of Six Feet Under on Bravo, I think that it was the finest production HBO has ever done. Now one can only hope that the casting for the Martin series is done properly and HBO is welling to properly budget it. It is a mix of hope and dread that I have not felt for sometime.

For a certain number of years now I have argued two various points. A) That the prohibition on drugs is causing more harm than good, making the war on drugs a pointless, futile effort that is only important to war profiteers. B) That drug tests as screening for employment are a violation of civil rights, given that anything that occurs away from the job can have no bearing on such job, unless they are arrested in a criminal offense.

Apparently I am not the only one who agrees with the former point. Many former policemen and officials agree that the War on Drugs is as futile as searching for a pin in the Atlantic. And if anyone would know what failure is, I am certain it is the soldiers of war. The same truth that we must face in Iraq. Selective hearing is a key component to joining congress. At any point that a law which is certainly unconstitutional but protects profits is challenged, our leaders suddenly find themselves deaf to all concerns.

Now that Bush has fired all the U.S. attorneys, he is sicking the lackeys of the GOP on the First Amendment rights, particularly those of the blogger communities. A Republican introduced bill would force all those critically oppose Congress to register. If they do not, penalties and jail time could and would result. My response:

Huzzah to the warlords of America, for they are the true masters. I pledge my life and the life of my children to your cause, if only because of the muzzle pointed at my liberties.