Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Flies on the pisser

The Amsterdamians (not sure if that is correct) have seized on America's scientific failings to jump ahead in the important field of urinal technology. I am not one to aim my bodily functions towards a particular object outside of the toilet itself. But having known a number of fraternal brothers I will vouch that the concept of painting a fly on the urinal to improve accuracy most likely will help. Lets just hope that a competing fly doesn't land on the wall or I will have to skip any layovers through Amsterdam in the coming future.

Now to the important news of the day, somewhat. Barak Obama is entering the democratic race, one of two big names to date. When Clinton declares her intentions, which she will, the short list will grow to three deep. Unfortunately because of her current popularity, Clinton is assuredly the front runner to the nomination. A disturbing idea given that she is in fact a closet Republican, despite all appearances to the contrary. She like McCain is an opportunist whose ideologies switch as often as I switch shampoos. Obama sticks to his guns. Of course he has not had the time to flop positions. His inexperience will either prove to his benefit or his downfall. Argument for: His youth in congress means that not enough time has passed to fall deep into the pockets of lobbyists. Argument against: His lack of experience will be seen as a weaknesses both domestically and abroad. I cannot help given my complete lack of faith in Congress but see the former as a strongly superior argument.

1Up has released their "WTF" moments of 2006. Altogether the list is entirely underwhelming. While agree that the renaming of the Revolution to the Wii made me question Nintendo with vulgarities, it was a smart move. Wii is a word that sticks in one's consciousness, a title that the general public will remember. So while it was a wtf moment, it was a successful one. If you read the rest of the list, 2006 looked like a rather boring year for video games.

The military has been as ethical as congress it seems. The Pentagon sold weapons to Iran and China through surplus auctions. Not all that surprising; Iran and Columbia are already the two largest buyers of U.S. produced arms. The concept of the War on Drugs and Terror is nothing more than a lie perpetuated by the economic masterminds who already dominate congressional lawmaking. One more reason we need someone who has not been bought out by damned elitists of the failed American economic state.