Tuesday, October 31, 2006


As previously mentioned it is always great to see a person receive exactly what they deserve: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8-Agwc9D8Q .
That saucy minx known as Anne Coulter has decided that logic no longer deserves any functional role in how government or perhaps even worse, the media is run. It is a fulfilling sight to watch the woman fail to develop a coherent argument such that she turns to name calling. Too bad few truly enlightened people probably saw it live.
This after the fat man who was caught with illegal prescriptions, decided that a sick person will lie about their symptoms. I am of course referring to Rush Limbaugh's reference to Michael J. Fox and the Parkinson's he endures. It is sheer insanity that such a person would have enough of a following to keep his show spewing ignorance over the airwaves. Then again, people migrated in flocks to Sirius behind Howard Stern. Perhaps it has something to do with similar brainwaves operating on lower base levels. I can't wait to see what emails I'm gonna receive today.

Monday, October 30, 2006


In my ever intriguing travails across seas of cyberspace, certain concepts will never escape my inspective eye. Nor should they escape the view of technologically advanced public; merely because there is nothing better to do with our time. Discussion of philosophically hollow distinctions may begin now: Are video games art?
Are video games a form of art? After seeing numerous products termed "modern art," I am in agreement with the author. The distinction between what is art and what is merely pretty existence is not only objective but wholly arbitrary. Just as in any field where study is required yet often unimportant, the self elevated experts define the conceptual framework. Only they are qualified to make such important and self fulfilling decisions. While video games fill most primary definitions of art, they are often decried as empty shells devoid of meaning. It is a form of hierarchical hypocrisy. Art has survived by incorporating fringe elements into the definition, Picasso and DaVinci outcasts turned masters. So when a video game includes a strong thematic elements with visual imagery that even Degas could barely envision. Also the concept that video games are interactive and therefore not art is absurdity beyond reckoning. Is there not interactive art, or what was that woman in the see through skin suit trying to tell me? There is no greater visceral joy than to wash Leon Kennedy place a bullet in the basal lodge of an Eastern European crazed gypsy.

I have found a new idol which will most assuredly lead to my destruction in some comedic fashion. All you need to know is the supplies necessary are a fire orange Pinto with pink flames and a J-58. Por ejemplo:http://www.automotosport.info/article-346.html

October 30 Part Deux

While never truly seeing him coach I still understood the legacy and importance of Red Auerbach to the NBA. And so it is with the beginning today that I honor the man who coached great players to a form of immortality.
There are two things worthy of discussion this monday morning. The first is the Colts-Broncos game, merely because the second will assure the denial of absolution to a great number of people. This was the greatest game of the season and perhaps one of the greatest games of all time. If Manning were never to win a Super Bowl, it would be akin Octavian having never won Egypt. Just merely on a scale of limited importance. Despite the porous run defense of the Colts, and the previously impenetrable Broncos D; Manning has rarely looked more impressive. They remind me of the second coming of the 90's Bills, for whatever good that would be worth. Are they better than the "Greatest Show on Turf?" Absolutely. My addition to vocabulary of the great American game is termed Manningball. Now if only both the Colts and the Bears go undefeated and meet in the Super Bowl. Manning against Urlacher, the possibilities fill my wandering mind. Not to discard the fact that it would be the first matchup between two African American head coaches.

Secondly and on a note that runs expectedly flat is the article posted on CNN.com http://www.cnn.com/2006/WORLD/meast/10/30/iraq.audits.ap/index.html. Quote, "Nearly one of every 25 weapons the military bought for Iraqi security forces is missing. Many others cannot be repaired because parts or technical manuals are lacking." There is little surprise to be found here. I have no desire to deem this corruption, because those weapons which have disappeared have most likely found their way into the hands of those fighting for their homeland. The war was brought on by a man who listened too intently on those whose concern was not the American people. I do not believe that Bush is an evil man, merely one who has compounded his mistakes with further mistakes. He believes in the righteousness of the cause just as those of the Crusades believed. It is another Crusade, one of hundreds. However we cannot merely pull out because the troops are entrenched and enemies will turn Iraq into a great American threat. I do not know if their is an answer, perhaps radical Islam (a highly American term I know) is incompatible with the west. Why must the modern world always assume it knows what is best?
I will not condone the actions of terrorists in the Middle East, particularly Iraq, yet I do understand their viewpoints. For anyone who thinks that terrorism is infinitely evil, watch The Battle for Algiers. It is one of the finest works of cinema in existence.

Finally, listening to the game on garbled AM radio has made me consider the viability of satellite radio. Tiffany has Sirius and I have found it at several points highly enjoyable. Outside of the blessing of motorized transportation I rarely listen to any form of radio however. So I wonder, would the price be worth the entertainment?