Tuesday, October 31, 2006


As previously mentioned it is always great to see a person receive exactly what they deserve: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8-Agwc9D8Q .
That saucy minx known as Anne Coulter has decided that logic no longer deserves any functional role in how government or perhaps even worse, the media is run. It is a fulfilling sight to watch the woman fail to develop a coherent argument such that she turns to name calling. Too bad few truly enlightened people probably saw it live.
This after the fat man who was caught with illegal prescriptions, decided that a sick person will lie about their symptoms. I am of course referring to Rush Limbaugh's reference to Michael J. Fox and the Parkinson's he endures. It is sheer insanity that such a person would have enough of a following to keep his show spewing ignorance over the airwaves. Then again, people migrated in flocks to Sirius behind Howard Stern. Perhaps it has something to do with similar brainwaves operating on lower base levels. I can't wait to see what emails I'm gonna receive today.