Sunday, December 31, 2006

Reefer Madness

If anyone ever wonders whether our governmental leaders have only their own interests at heart, you need only to look back at the early twentieth century when the marijuana propaganda films spread across America. Filled with hysterics and general lies these films scared the general public from marijuana usage. This despite the fact that marijuana has been used longer than any form of grain alcohol and is widely accepted across much of the known world. This as done from fear of hemp replacing cotton and to control the minority population, as marijuana was greatly used among such groups, particularly jazz artists. The rich white men decided that they knew what was best for everyone, even though they were the only ones to profit.
Nowadays the most popular argument against marijuana use is the detriment to one's health. Once again there is little to no proof, and most scientific studies soundly point otherwise.
We live in a drug controlled society, just look at the domination over politics by the pharmaceutical companies. But because pot is easy to grow and hard to tax, it has been labeled as a devious evil. Lies compounded by untruths. God save the Queen.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

A dead Iraqi

Well we have done it again. The Middle East is on the verge of absolute and irresolvable collapse and Bush has most likely pushed it over the edge. While the administration continues to deny any involvement in the hanging of Saddam Hussein, the Texan’s fingerprints are quite visible, like any child’s on the windows of Toys R’ Us the day before Christmas. The most astounding occurrence is that Hussein was executed mere days before one of the largest crowds is set to gather in New York City. When Times Square explodes into a chunk irradiated earth, I am certain that Bush still will have no regrets. Since when is it necessary for men of power to exist without a form of conscience?

While Saddam was a brutal dictator and most certainly deserved any punishment received, I find any current American policy hypocritical. To hold the leader of another country at fault, while we refuse to condemn the actions of our so called leaders is what creates such antipathy across the globe. There exists attitudes of anger and hatred towards those who need help the most, yet those who create such problems and profit from them escape from the racist hand of justice. The Bush administration as the Clinton one before it has been responsible for thousands to millions of deaths. Yet just as all our leaders before have escaped censure, so too shall the current one. It is appalling to think that men in power have no fear of reprisal.

If they have nothing to fear, what keeps them honest? And don’t tell me that they have the interests of all Americans in importance. Such a belief is akin to believing that Noah’s flood created the Grand Canyon, foolhardy and ignorant.

I keep waiting for Tinkerbell to sprinkle her magic dust on me and maybe then I will fly like a poor man’s Superman. Off to Never-Never Land we go.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Logic be damned!!!!!

Anyone who has read any of my former posts or articles can easily determine that I often have a very liberal slant. This is not to say that I identify with the new age liberal, far from it in fact. I often find myself in agreement with many conservatives as well. The term centrist appears to be the most apt, but even such a title I would dispute. Truth be told I form coherent and convincing ideologies based upon personal experience and reflection. I support gay and women's rights, such as marriage and the right to choose. Yet I agree that we cannot allow for amnesty to illegal immigrants and perhaps a giant fence may be a good idea, even though we have no money to build such an insane project. Just as science provides for evolution over time, so too must our social constructs evolve. America may have been born to accept those weeping, yearning masses, but perhaps now we can no longer support such an influx. While we may have no desire to close the borders, it may become a necessity. Just like internet has become a necessity to find any good porn.

As discussed in the previous post, science faces a battle for ideological control over the average American citizen. One which I am not sure it can win given the lack of fundamental education in this country. I am certain that if a preacher told his congregation that God demands you do not step on any cracks or you will go to hell, every sidewalk will be re-cemented into a singular enormous block.

Conservatives have apparently decided that when science proves their ideas nothing more than foolish superstitions, then science must be a superstition. This is no more true than the current case of Mary Cheney, who along with her partner have decided to bear a child into their family. The conservatives unable to prove any actual fault with gay parenting have decided that facts are not important, because they can only prove what is actually true. Apparently abusive drunken, morally incompetent parents are better than two mothers. I think Asimov might have been correct. Foundation ahoy!

While not a libertarian I find Reason to be one of the best published online magazines. This month they have a fascinating article with Trey Parker and Matt Stone, who will certainly be idolized in the future as true American savants. If only I could of thought to create a cartoon where the pope is covered with blood from a farting blessed Mary's statue. They are the only form of intelligent satire left, excluding Steven Colbert who does not yet have a lasting legacy.

My mother weeps silently hoping that the devil will trade my soul for some simple sexual pleasures. Either that or I'm truly damned.

Science is for fools

In my daily perusing of all things internet related, there are certain stories which the popular media continuously ignore. Given the war on science during the past two decades, this little tidbit of information should not surprise anyone who managed to graduate from primary school.

Apparently the national park service is afraid to display signs which display the accurate age of the grand canyon for fear their funding will be cut by the Bushites. In an age where America is quickly falling behind every other cradle of civilization, particularly China, the war on all things logical presses on. I personally have decided to follow pastafarianism. If a sign claiming that noah's flood created the grand canyon, then I want a sign claiming that the flying spaghetti monster created Mount Everest. It's the least our leaders could do given the false ideology of cultural relativism floating around these days. Boy will it be fun when Jerry Falwell is crucified and resurrected as the second coming of their lord.

In other less important but no less interesting news, Microsoft apparently sent out a number of new Acer laptops loaded with Windows Vista to a number of popular technologically minded bloggers. The Ferrari stamped computers have apparently confused many of these so-called writers, as they are not entirely sure of why they were sent. The amusement factor has hit a solid 7, when I discovered where most of these computers will soon disappear to.

Microsoft if you're reading this, feel free to send me a gift. Just one preferably loaded without Vista. More on these impending developments to come.

I cannot help but feel sorry for Sony. The first reports came in days ago that scalpers have been unable to sell their PS3's for any for of profit and now this. But sympathy can only take one so far and after having buried three PS2 in my backyard, the only sounds coming from my television are recorded bits of laughter. Sony damned itself by starting the DVD format wars, tales of which will be sung generations from now. Paul Anka's next great hit: Oh once glorious Sony, fallen and disgraced. Hymnals for the church of Nintendo will soon be available.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

I'm back

After several agonizing months I believe that destiny has finally decided to come full circle. Well a sharp ninety degree turn at the least. With vials of medication filling my bathroom drawers, the unreliable yeti of days past has hopefully disappeared. But don't quote me on it, that is if I am quotable at all.

For most of Christmas, a sweeping mood of scrooginess (yes I doubt it is a word, but I don't care) always seems to fill my soul with absolute despair. Perhaps it's the fact that my family was the December cover story for Sanitariums Monthly. If anyone has seen Little Miss Sunshine, then you have the general concepts of my familial situation. All you need to add is some cocaine snorting Jesus pushers who at age forty still live at home. My extended family's idea of a vacation is to visit the Daniel Quale Museum of Vice Presidents. Spiro Agnew ftw. Mind you this is the extended family, my parents are merely simply nuts.

And if it weren't for the family demolishing my holiday spirit, all one has to look at is the week of false charity that precedes the false birthday of Christ. Supposedly he was born in May or June I believe, but it was certainly not December just as he was not the only Caucasian in Nazareth. And for some reason a vast number of foolhardy Americans believe that several days of compassion will make up for years of boorish behavior. If god does exist, it can certainly see the past beyond Christmas.

Oh and Christmas music. I cannot abide the repetition of Rudolph across hundreds of soft rock radio stations. My ears bleed a soft melange of glowing red and green. Now if only Santa had delivered me a Wii. Damn you Claus.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

I'm green like the Hulk

As generally everyone around knows, I have smoked cigarettes throughout the past few years. It began with cloves and their taste of burning essence to a pack of Marb lights every so often. This is an addiction I need to stamp out of existence. It has now been 2 days and anyone that smokes can understand what I am about to say.

There are uncountable times in the past where the phrase "asshole" provides a near perfect description. It is never a good thing to concentrate all your thought upon a singular object. And I know despite all desires, the smoke is not worth it. But I just want it so bad.

It amazes me that people somehow think change will sweep across the country now that the Democrats hold a small majority in congress. The next two years are merely a highly structured cavalcade, to see whose image endears itself to the American public. Watch as two critical years pass by with only the facade of actual change.
We're stuck in a modern day Korea, Hilary Clinton the new Eisenhower. Not that I am endorsing anyone at the moment. Rather that we are stuck in Iraq at least until the next president comes to power. And Clinton's number's are surprisingly high.

I had to add this it's just too good not to:

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Blue or Red, The New Fall Colors are in

So the midterm elections have passed, and what have we learned. Nobody has a clue. The country is having a heart attack and doctor American prescribes some aspirin. It'll only slow the inevitable, or perhaps provide some desperate time. Which is worse, to be squashed by the elephant or wander the desert on an ass? And those of you who vote green, as soon as your party gets its act together I'll go green. Until then I will continue to espouse my discontent with the American electoral system. Public campaign finance is the pure essence of a republic.

Having finished Anansi Boys, I find myself in a quandary. As a writer I recognize that on the whole, it was a better book than American Gods. But I liked American Gods more. Anansi Boys had a flow and a feel that could not be denied, but American Gods felt more personal. Either way, I highly recommend both. Generally anything written by Neil Gaiman.

Sausage and an apple. What is, what I am having for breakfast Alex? I cannot battle sleep while the sun still shines. The most apparent remedy for such a malady is to provide my body with nutrition. I have never eaten breakfast, but those who do tell me it is a necessity. Like a caffeine addict drawn to the smell of arabica in the air. One venti please. No just shoot it straight into my veins.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Where art thou coherency?

One of the best shows to debut on national television in the past decade was LOST. However it appears that the writers have fallen into a miasma of self-induced confusion. There have been tales which float about the internet of which such men defend themselves from charges of being lost. Supposedly the story has been wholly completed, an idea I desperately hope to be true. But here two factors shrill the desire to continue watching the show.

First is the ability of the writers to kill off two of the more interesting characters. With the death of Eko, my faith in the show has fallen to levels of dismal proportions. Despite the somewhat multi-ethnic cast, the primary focus falls again upon the white characters. More importantly, Eko's death seems meaningless and his mysteries I fear will go unsolved for far too long. I want to trust, truly I do.

And it is the writers which are also my primary concern, namely that J.J. Abrams has written few LOST episodes since the first season. The allure and glitter of Hollywood has a desire that few can resist. With the guiding hand off directing little men of religious tomfoolery, his apprentices have become wound around characterization rather than story. Allow the backstory to explain the characters motivations as in the first season. Particularly good science fiction relies on the story to advance. And LOST is science fiction.

Gotta run. Jesus is pissed and he's looking for his bong.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


As previously mentioned it is always great to see a person receive exactly what they deserve: .
That saucy minx known as Anne Coulter has decided that logic no longer deserves any functional role in how government or perhaps even worse, the media is run. It is a fulfilling sight to watch the woman fail to develop a coherent argument such that she turns to name calling. Too bad few truly enlightened people probably saw it live.
This after the fat man who was caught with illegal prescriptions, decided that a sick person will lie about their symptoms. I am of course referring to Rush Limbaugh's reference to Michael J. Fox and the Parkinson's he endures. It is sheer insanity that such a person would have enough of a following to keep his show spewing ignorance over the airwaves. Then again, people migrated in flocks to Sirius behind Howard Stern. Perhaps it has something to do with similar brainwaves operating on lower base levels. I can't wait to see what emails I'm gonna receive today.

Monday, October 30, 2006


In my ever intriguing travails across seas of cyberspace, certain concepts will never escape my inspective eye. Nor should they escape the view of technologically advanced public; merely because there is nothing better to do with our time. Discussion of philosophically hollow distinctions may begin now: Are video games art?
Are video games a form of art? After seeing numerous products termed "modern art," I am in agreement with the author. The distinction between what is art and what is merely pretty existence is not only objective but wholly arbitrary. Just as in any field where study is required yet often unimportant, the self elevated experts define the conceptual framework. Only they are qualified to make such important and self fulfilling decisions. While video games fill most primary definitions of art, they are often decried as empty shells devoid of meaning. It is a form of hierarchical hypocrisy. Art has survived by incorporating fringe elements into the definition, Picasso and DaVinci outcasts turned masters. So when a video game includes a strong thematic elements with visual imagery that even Degas could barely envision. Also the concept that video games are interactive and therefore not art is absurdity beyond reckoning. Is there not interactive art, or what was that woman in the see through skin suit trying to tell me? There is no greater visceral joy than to wash Leon Kennedy place a bullet in the basal lodge of an Eastern European crazed gypsy.

I have found a new idol which will most assuredly lead to my destruction in some comedic fashion. All you need to know is the supplies necessary are a fire orange Pinto with pink flames and a J-58. Por ejemplo:

October 30 Part Deux

While never truly seeing him coach I still understood the legacy and importance of Red Auerbach to the NBA. And so it is with the beginning today that I honor the man who coached great players to a form of immortality.
There are two things worthy of discussion this monday morning. The first is the Colts-Broncos game, merely because the second will assure the denial of absolution to a great number of people. This was the greatest game of the season and perhaps one of the greatest games of all time. If Manning were never to win a Super Bowl, it would be akin Octavian having never won Egypt. Just merely on a scale of limited importance. Despite the porous run defense of the Colts, and the previously impenetrable Broncos D; Manning has rarely looked more impressive. They remind me of the second coming of the 90's Bills, for whatever good that would be worth. Are they better than the "Greatest Show on Turf?" Absolutely. My addition to vocabulary of the great American game is termed Manningball. Now if only both the Colts and the Bears go undefeated and meet in the Super Bowl. Manning against Urlacher, the possibilities fill my wandering mind. Not to discard the fact that it would be the first matchup between two African American head coaches.

Secondly and on a note that runs expectedly flat is the article posted on Quote, "Nearly one of every 25 weapons the military bought for Iraqi security forces is missing. Many others cannot be repaired because parts or technical manuals are lacking." There is little surprise to be found here. I have no desire to deem this corruption, because those weapons which have disappeared have most likely found their way into the hands of those fighting for their homeland. The war was brought on by a man who listened too intently on those whose concern was not the American people. I do not believe that Bush is an evil man, merely one who has compounded his mistakes with further mistakes. He believes in the righteousness of the cause just as those of the Crusades believed. It is another Crusade, one of hundreds. However we cannot merely pull out because the troops are entrenched and enemies will turn Iraq into a great American threat. I do not know if their is an answer, perhaps radical Islam (a highly American term I know) is incompatible with the west. Why must the modern world always assume it knows what is best?
I will not condone the actions of terrorists in the Middle East, particularly Iraq, yet I do understand their viewpoints. For anyone who thinks that terrorism is infinitely evil, watch The Battle for Algiers. It is one of the finest works of cinema in existence.

Finally, listening to the game on garbled AM radio has made me consider the viability of satellite radio. Tiffany has Sirius and I have found it at several points highly enjoyable. Outside of the blessing of motorized transportation I rarely listen to any form of radio however. So I wonder, would the price be worth the entertainment?