Sunday, December 31, 2006

Reefer Madness

If anyone ever wonders whether our governmental leaders have only their own interests at heart, you need only to look back at the early twentieth century when the marijuana propaganda films spread across America. Filled with hysterics and general lies these films scared the general public from marijuana usage. This despite the fact that marijuana has been used longer than any form of grain alcohol and is widely accepted across much of the known world. This as done from fear of hemp replacing cotton and to control the minority population, as marijuana was greatly used among such groups, particularly jazz artists. The rich white men decided that they knew what was best for everyone, even though they were the only ones to profit.
Nowadays the most popular argument against marijuana use is the detriment to one's health. Once again there is little to no proof, and most scientific studies soundly point otherwise.
We live in a drug controlled society, just look at the domination over politics by the pharmaceutical companies. But because pot is easy to grow and hard to tax, it has been labeled as a devious evil. Lies compounded by untruths. God save the Queen.