Friday, December 29, 2006

Logic be damned!!!!!

Anyone who has read any of my former posts or articles can easily determine that I often have a very liberal slant. This is not to say that I identify with the new age liberal, far from it in fact. I often find myself in agreement with many conservatives as well. The term centrist appears to be the most apt, but even such a title I would dispute. Truth be told I form coherent and convincing ideologies based upon personal experience and reflection. I support gay and women's rights, such as marriage and the right to choose. Yet I agree that we cannot allow for amnesty to illegal immigrants and perhaps a giant fence may be a good idea, even though we have no money to build such an insane project. Just as science provides for evolution over time, so too must our social constructs evolve. America may have been born to accept those weeping, yearning masses, but perhaps now we can no longer support such an influx. While we may have no desire to close the borders, it may become a necessity. Just like internet has become a necessity to find any good porn.

As discussed in the previous post, science faces a battle for ideological control over the average American citizen. One which I am not sure it can win given the lack of fundamental education in this country. I am certain that if a preacher told his congregation that God demands you do not step on any cracks or you will go to hell, every sidewalk will be re-cemented into a singular enormous block.

Conservatives have apparently decided that when science proves their ideas nothing more than foolish superstitions, then science must be a superstition. This is no more true than the current case of Mary Cheney, who along with her partner have decided to bear a child into their family. The conservatives unable to prove any actual fault with gay parenting have decided that facts are not important, because they can only prove what is actually true. Apparently abusive drunken, morally incompetent parents are better than two mothers. I think Asimov might have been correct. Foundation ahoy!

While not a libertarian I find Reason to be one of the best published online magazines. This month they have a fascinating article with Trey Parker and Matt Stone, who will certainly be idolized in the future as true American savants. If only I could of thought to create a cartoon where the pope is covered with blood from a farting blessed Mary's statue. They are the only form of intelligent satire left, excluding Steven Colbert who does not yet have a lasting legacy.

My mother weeps silently hoping that the devil will trade my soul for some simple sexual pleasures. Either that or I'm truly damned.