Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Finding a way

I cannot help but post my enthusiasm for tonight's Lost. This singular episode focused on one of the most underused characters. Sayid is one of the more interesting characters and has been unfairly ignored like the black sheep's bastard child. Finally they returned to the formula that made season one so great. Lost was never designed to exist for an extended time, such a high concept show has a limited shelf life. Any intelligent writer could realize this. Tonight we found numerous answers to old questions while providing us with fresh ones.

Being a purist I couldn't help but be a little skeptical when I heard there would be three villains battling good ol spidey in his upcoming blockbuster. Sam Raimi is making the Godfather of comic book films. What I'm looking for here is an epic and anything under two and half hours won't cut it. Here's hoping he had enough sway in Hollywood to get away with it. From the pics of Venom and the seven minutes from NBC last night, I'm betting enough hookers found their way to the champagne room. Benjamin Franklin was certainly smiling at the camaraderie, you know he's such a pimp.

In response to the backlash that one of Wikipedia's tenured professional contributors was actually nothing more than a mere lying insolent college failure, Jimmy Wales has decided to demand credentials. While my love for the online encyclopedia is undeniable, I cannot help but agree this is a good idea. Like getting into one of those steel cages before you go swimming with the sharks. It adds a layer of insulation to prevent your ass from getting rubbed raw by the sheeply denizens of the interweb. Most of Wikipedia is reliable, or so I hope. Usually topics of concern on the site involve those articles discussing the pinnacle of capitalistic evolution, i.e. Wal-Mart, Microsoft and so on. But I cannot help but wonder if this free source encyclopedia has now become another tool for the already enlightened than a weapon of free speech.

Oh and Joseph McCarthy had a bastard child with Satan, her name is Ann Coulter. Next she will deny the holocaust, just watch.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

What if Jesus smoked pot?

Sony is lacking a solid grasp on reality. I hope that siphoning off the green economic lifeblood of the Japanese powerhouse hasn't made the company woozy. The gold I.V. isn't quite ready yet. Despite tales of unsold PS3's throughout the electronics world, Sony still claims its faltering flagship console is in great demand. Too bad its harder than Lindsey Lohan to program for. If the PS3 is Lohan then the 360 is like Angelina Jolie, sleek and sexy but easy. I guess that would make the Wii... Madonna. You know where this is going and if you don't, go find yourself a town bicycle.

Every day it seems something so fantastically hysterical falls into my lap I need to share it. There now exists Conservapedia, the conservative alternative to Wikipedia. It's a vertiable treasure trove of material, something I will have to check back on. Maybe I should do a Conservapedia explanation of the day. I gotta ask thought, if there was concrete scientific proof Jesus smoked like Tommy Chong up and down the river Jordan, would you put that on your pages of notice? Cause Jesus has smoked pot, he came to me in a dream holding a purple bong toking like there's no tomorrow. Eyes bloodshot deep red, I'm telling you he had some good shit.

In what can only be described as a moment of serendipity, Stephen Hawking will experience what its like to be in space. Somewhat. He'll be weightless on one of those big boeing jets that dive down towards the looming ground. Personally I would not want to be on an enormous plane that is purposely being flown towards the ground at enormous velocities. Of course this from the kid who thought taking a little red wagon down a rather large hill was a solid idea.