Saturday, December 30, 2006

A dead Iraqi

Well we have done it again. The Middle East is on the verge of absolute and irresolvable collapse and Bush has most likely pushed it over the edge. While the administration continues to deny any involvement in the hanging of Saddam Hussein, the Texan’s fingerprints are quite visible, like any child’s on the windows of Toys R’ Us the day before Christmas. The most astounding occurrence is that Hussein was executed mere days before one of the largest crowds is set to gather in New York City. When Times Square explodes into a chunk irradiated earth, I am certain that Bush still will have no regrets. Since when is it necessary for men of power to exist without a form of conscience?

While Saddam was a brutal dictator and most certainly deserved any punishment received, I find any current American policy hypocritical. To hold the leader of another country at fault, while we refuse to condemn the actions of our so called leaders is what creates such antipathy across the globe. There exists attitudes of anger and hatred towards those who need help the most, yet those who create such problems and profit from them escape from the racist hand of justice. The Bush administration as the Clinton one before it has been responsible for thousands to millions of deaths. Yet just as all our leaders before have escaped censure, so too shall the current one. It is appalling to think that men in power have no fear of reprisal.

If they have nothing to fear, what keeps them honest? And don’t tell me that they have the interests of all Americans in importance. Such a belief is akin to believing that Noah’s flood created the Grand Canyon, foolhardy and ignorant.

I keep waiting for Tinkerbell to sprinkle her magic dust on me and maybe then I will fly like a poor man’s Superman. Off to Never-Never Land we go.