Friday, December 29, 2006

Science is for fools

In my daily perusing of all things internet related, there are certain stories which the popular media continuously ignore. Given the war on science during the past two decades, this little tidbit of information should not surprise anyone who managed to graduate from primary school.

Apparently the national park service is afraid to display signs which display the accurate age of the grand canyon for fear their funding will be cut by the Bushites. In an age where America is quickly falling behind every other cradle of civilization, particularly China, the war on all things logical presses on. I personally have decided to follow pastafarianism. If a sign claiming that noah's flood created the grand canyon, then I want a sign claiming that the flying spaghetti monster created Mount Everest. It's the least our leaders could do given the false ideology of cultural relativism floating around these days. Boy will it be fun when Jerry Falwell is crucified and resurrected as the second coming of their lord.

In other less important but no less interesting news, Microsoft apparently sent out a number of new Acer laptops loaded with Windows Vista to a number of popular technologically minded bloggers. The Ferrari stamped computers have apparently confused many of these so-called writers, as they are not entirely sure of why they were sent. The amusement factor has hit a solid 7, when I discovered where most of these computers will soon disappear to.

Microsoft if you're reading this, feel free to send me a gift. Just one preferably loaded without Vista. More on these impending developments to come.

I cannot help but feel sorry for Sony. The first reports came in days ago that scalpers have been unable to sell their PS3's for any for of profit and now this. But sympathy can only take one so far and after having buried three PS2 in my backyard, the only sounds coming from my television are recorded bits of laughter. Sony damned itself by starting the DVD format wars, tales of which will be sung generations from now. Paul Anka's next great hit: Oh once glorious Sony, fallen and disgraced. Hymnals for the church of Nintendo will soon be available.