Thursday, November 02, 2006

Where art thou coherency?

One of the best shows to debut on national television in the past decade was LOST. However it appears that the writers have fallen into a miasma of self-induced confusion. There have been tales which float about the internet of which such men defend themselves from charges of being lost. Supposedly the story has been wholly completed, an idea I desperately hope to be true. But here two factors shrill the desire to continue watching the show.

First is the ability of the writers to kill off two of the more interesting characters. With the death of Eko, my faith in the show has fallen to levels of dismal proportions. Despite the somewhat multi-ethnic cast, the primary focus falls again upon the white characters. More importantly, Eko's death seems meaningless and his mysteries I fear will go unsolved for far too long. I want to trust, truly I do.

And it is the writers which are also my primary concern, namely that J.J. Abrams has written few LOST episodes since the first season. The allure and glitter of Hollywood has a desire that few can resist. With the guiding hand off directing little men of religious tomfoolery, his apprentices have become wound around characterization rather than story. Allow the backstory to explain the characters motivations as in the first season. Particularly good science fiction relies on the story to advance. And LOST is science fiction.

Gotta run. Jesus is pissed and he's looking for his bong.