Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Blue or Red, The New Fall Colors are in

So the midterm elections have passed, and what have we learned. Nobody has a clue. The country is having a heart attack and doctor American prescribes some aspirin. It'll only slow the inevitable, or perhaps provide some desperate time. Which is worse, to be squashed by the elephant or wander the desert on an ass? And those of you who vote green, as soon as your party gets its act together I'll go green. Until then I will continue to espouse my discontent with the American electoral system. Public campaign finance is the pure essence of a republic.

Having finished Anansi Boys, I find myself in a quandary. As a writer I recognize that on the whole, it was a better book than American Gods. But I liked American Gods more. Anansi Boys had a flow and a feel that could not be denied, but American Gods felt more personal. Either way, I highly recommend both. Generally anything written by Neil Gaiman.

Sausage and an apple. What is, what I am having for breakfast Alex? I cannot battle sleep while the sun still shines. The most apparent remedy for such a malady is to provide my body with nutrition. I have never eaten breakfast, but those who do tell me it is a necessity. Like a caffeine addict drawn to the smell of arabica in the air. One venti please. No just shoot it straight into my veins.