Friday, January 12, 2007

Gates you sly dog

So the results are in and I believe that Sony is demanding a Supreme Court decision after the recount. The 360 has sold more units than both the Wii and PS3, doubling the amount of PS3's entering the homes of Americans this year. It is not surprising given that the 360 finally was granted a killer app in Gears, to which nothing on the PS3 can compare. The Wii is an entity all to itself and so cannot be grouped in with other next gen systems. It would be like comparing oranges to broccoli. They are on different but equal levels of electronics pyramid.

The list of Presidential candidates particularly on the Democratic side. It cannot help but be noted that none of those who have announced their aspirations nor those who will are appealing candidates. Certainly no more than Kerry in 2004. Yet one cannot help but wonder that should another Republican come to executive power, we would be royally screwed. Like all things in America, politics is upside down. The rats dominate over the much less cerebral populous of sheep.

Lastly I wonder is Stephen Colbert reads this blog because last night there was a quote on the Report that seemed ripped straight from the Yeti's mouth. Three quarters of the way through this clip is a Princess Leia joke about Apple, one which I made days ago. Rather than anger I was filled with a certain glee to see my previous humor used on a national broadcast. But Stephen I'm putting you on warning with a wag of my flaccid device. I'll leave that one to your imaginations.