Thursday, January 11, 2007

Surge protectors

What news could I possibly discuss today other than the loquacious yet empty speech by the bumbling Texan. One of my closest friends over the past decade recently left for his tour of duty in Iraq, and I cannot help but worry for him. Despite the fact he is no more than a murse, he deserves my respect and the respect of all those in this country. Yet this is a war that has become a modern Vietnam. Iraq may be more important than Vietnam because the region is already highly destabilized.

The main concern I have with the Iraqi strategy is that it does not take into consideration the desires of the Iraqi's. A people cannot be given freedom, it must be earned and desired. A lesson which history has taught us repeatedly, one which the current administration refuses to acknowledge. While there are numbers of Iraqi's who wish democracy (something which does not even exist in America), it appears as though there are even more who do not. More importantly it does not seem that we are trying to spread democracy but rather western idealism which breeds resentment. Once again, this strikes at the heart of whether conservative Islam is contradictory to democracy and western values which it may be.

I am not an advocate for the cut and run policy, but it is near impossible to support any plan currently coming out of Washington, whether it be Republican or Democrat.