Sunday, January 07, 2007

Oh you poor cowboy

If anyone watched the playoffs over the weekend, you know of the occurrences in Seattle. Unfortunately I missed most of the battle between such tribal warriors because I was otherwise engaged. I did however catch the tail end of the Dallas game and the only words which could escape my mouth at such an incredulous moment was "Holy Shit!" My excitement over the Dallas loss was inevitably replaced by a feeling of unadulterated melancholy for Tony Romo. Having lived through the Scott Norwood era, one cannot help but feel remorseful; despite the fact that he plays for the Cowboys. While Romo's mistake was by far a greater choke job than Norwood's, Romo is still enough of a noob to mend his image. I would find it easier to root for the quarterback if he did not play for an organization filled with evil on the level such as the Yankees. Only slightly less evil than the newly ordained Antichrist - Paris Hilton.

Defining an entire genre of video games is no easy task, but apparently there are a number of avid gamers who have recorded every storyline of previous console rpg's with what they term cliche. There is a more fitting term which applies to the authors, "confused nerds". While I normally use such terms in an endearing light, here it could be considered a slight insult. Cliches are ideas which appear in nearly every form of entertainment, yet to list 192 of them implies that the authors do not understand the true idea of a cliche. And the fact that someone spent the time to create such a list fills out the negative nerd term quite fully. Of course being a nerd myself this rant is surely to cause me some form of misery.

The last rant of the day involves an ethical decision, one which borders the concepts of eugenics versus general happiness. I can understand the parents desire to have a child whom they can manage for the rest of their natural lives. Yet it was a choice made without the child's decision and smells of ethical quandary. I can relate to the parents of little Ashley because of my uncle who is mentally deficient due to a car crash decades ago. A rather large man he is unaware of his strength as well as the hunger fulfillment sensation. He needs constant care which is found in the group home, which is also fortunately provided for by our state. If my parents were forced to care for my uncle (which I am sure they would), the quality of life throughout my childhood would have been greatly degraded. Yet despite my experience, it cannot compare to theirs and I will not pass judgment upon them. I understand their actions, but at this time I am uncertain whether or not I agree. And that is an idea I find most disturbing of all.