Monday, January 08, 2007

I want an Emmy!

As with Marissa Tomei when she won an oscar, the adjudicators of the Emmy awards apparently have been sipping from various glasses of influenza infused vodka. Sony the perennial whipping boy of the American gaming media, have been recognized for their SIAXIS technology. Which is most unfortunate given that the Wiimote is a true technological marvel while SIAXIS appears as more of a bastardized version of the Kirby tilt. I guess Sony decided that the PS3 will come in black for the general public, but a bright green for those in charge. George Washington's picture has been emblazoned.

The lawsuit against Apple has moved forward, regardless of its true intentions. While Apple did create interlocking technology between Itunes and the Ipod, this lawsuit reeks of the anti-innovation sector of American business. Believe it or not, such ideologies do exist. Apparently the RIAA and technological developers are jealous of Apple's creativity and market control. Rather than develop their own digital media stores, a lawsuit is much easier and will create a greater disturbance in the force. Only the destruction of Alderran made me fall to me knees in greater disbelief. The RIAA are the evil empire and DRM their Death Star. Now if only I could find my Princess Leia, preferably in a skimpy metal bikini.

Oh and one last thing. George Orwell may have been the greatest prophet of the modern era. Scary, truly and obscenely frightening.