Monday, January 08, 2007

Here to choose

First and foremost I must congratulate the Florida Gators on one of the most impressive title game victories in the history of college football. My semi-disdain for the aquatic reptilians notwithstanding, Meyer's boys played their hearts out. I was incorrect in my assessment of their abilities. Not only did the spread offense move with ease on the vaunted Buckeyes D, Florida harassed and contained Troy Smith all night. At times it was like watching a Pop Warner team trying to defeat the 85 Bears. Hopelessly outmatched, the Buckeyes appeared to be as rusty as the Titanic. I would say "mad props", but I believe that the editors of Webster's would hunt me down like a small hare.

Anyone who claims they saw a Florida rout coming must descended from the Jack Thompson genealogical tree of extraordinary absurdity.

In the kill or be killed world of consumer electronics, the not so big secret of an Apple Iphone finally has found a cellular provider. Having no first hand experience with Cingular, I cannot vouch for their quality of service. However many personal friends have done nothing but glorify the exploits of such a company. Cellular phones have held little appeal beside the abilities to call and text from anywhere but the Himalayan ranges. Yet with my recent acquisition of an Ipod, incorporating cellular technology into such a device creates a product whose desire is comparable only to that of Angelina Jolie in a black lace corset. Something which once in view becomes a necessity. If it comes in tie dye that will only sweeten the deal.

The only issue which Apple faces in such an investment is that unlike the Ipod, there are already a number of medium to somewhat high quality mp3 capable phones in existence. The Ipod came to market when mp3 players were in their infancy, creating a highly reliable and intuitive gadget. However the ace in the hole for Apple is Itunes, and until a rival service is developed I am sure Apple will succeed. Yet watch, like Nostradamus I predict you will see a rush of collaborative music services launched in the coming months. Most will fail; the thrown bones whisper to me.

I am not sure who is responsible for this alliance but all I can exclaim is "Hail to the King, Baby!" As one of the greatest comedic actors, be it in B-list movies; Bruce Campbell will certainly influence me to switch from Axe to Old Spice. This even though the former acts as pheremonal attractor for women. Smelling nice is not an option, it is a stipulation.

Like an ephemeral wolf, it is time to howl at the moon. Goodnight my little cherubs.