Thursday, January 18, 2007

Weep like a babe

One of the finest shows on television for the past couple of years has been Grey's Anatomy. Understanding that there is little originality, does not keep the program from being excellently made. When I attended Geneseo, the show was essentially watched by the entire college community. Not to watch it meant you were to be shunned like the fat kid in high school. So it is with little reservation that I fully emasculate myself.

Tonight I cried watching as George wished goodbye to his father. Not little tears which whimpered from my eyes, but a river of salty fluids gushed forth. I could not contain it, and more importantly I did not try to. Never has the death of such a minor character on a television show had such an impact. Between Grey's and Battlestar alone I could spend months glued to the large glowing box. My hair might fall out, but with any luck I'll be sent to Seattle Grace.

The Chinese have developed a satellite destroying missile, which the U.S. was quick to condemn. If only because we didn't create one first. While I admit this is a rather intriguing development in a country that pushes militarization, it is hard to fault them for developing what is essentially a defensive technology. These missiles may pose a threat, but they were most likely created as a deterrent for space based weapon technology, which the U.S. is assuredly working on. Area 51 is a lie, they develop advanced forms of teletubbie technology to overtake the world there. Hoboken, NJ is where the real work gets done; underground. Trust me, I have seen area 52 and it is glorious.

Congress appears to both save or condemn itself, given that it isn't a weekend, Friday after 2 pm, a religious holiday, a party retreat, on an election tour, visiting with congressional districts, visiting with lobbyists, or smoking cigarettes. Which leaves about 100 days a year for our representative faction to do something useful. Right after they agree to lower interest rates on congressional loans, a bill is introduced that seeks to control our right to privacy online. It appears that when they swear on the Bible or Koran, it is the hypocritic oath (borrowed from my buddies at PA). That means congress has the right to radically alter its beliefs whenever it's convenient. Congratulations Nancy Pelosi, if you weren't so sexy I'd sack you right here and now.

Anyone with certain level of technological knowledge is aware of the existence of Gears of War, and if you aren't I hope you have had your head up the ass of a rather attractive sheep. Slate magazine has a rather eloquent review of the game and the reasons for its success. As I have noted before, Gears of War succeeds because it is essentially Halo, with the jump button swapped for a duck button. It is amazing how such a simple change can radically alter game play in a positive direction. This may be a road map to success for future developers, taken a proven formula and alter it in a mild way to make it unique and you have a platinum product. Now if only they could make another Legacy of Kain game, one of the most underrated series of all time.