Friday, January 19, 2007

Moose rape

It only took far longer than necessary, but the realization that Sylvia Browne is absolute fraud has finally hit home. Not only did she tell the family of Shawn Hornbeck that he was dead, but tried to solicit money from the family to communicate with the supposedly dead boy. But Shawn was found days ago, alive and moderately well off, given that he was kidnapped and not killed. Sylvia Browne is evil and blight upon this land, one which should be quickly eradicated. Preying upon the weak minded is bad enough, but to profit and claim that it is done in the name of God, that is unforgivable. I hope that she is anally raped by a large moose in punishment, although that would not be close to equal to the pain she caused through such outright lies.

Your rights no longer exist in this country. According to Alberto Gonzales, Habeas Corpus does not constitutionally apply to everyone. It's so nice to know that we live in country which bases its laws on pre-Magna Carta concepts. Given the general idiocy of the public at large, we might as well switch from an oligarchy back to a monarchy. And yes we do live in an oligarchy, one under the disguise of a republic, which itself exists under the guise of democracy. Hell I can do better, let's bring back slavery all together, maybe even euthenize the poor to decrease the surplus population. Welcome to the second dark ages where we live in fear of the smiting hand of God who responds to the commands of fat, overindulgent, priest-kings. 800 years of history rewritten in less than 6. Of course it hurts, that's a red and blue elephant screwing you; hard.

Episodic gaming is gathering steam quicker than a Starbucks espresso machine. Half-Life 2 provided the first glimpse for the potential of such a format, and actually managed to revive one of the great franchises in Sam and Max. Word from BioWare is that they have realized the value of such a distribution format. One must wonder if the demise of Gamestop is rapidly approaching. What will their acne riddled, over sized, lisped employees do? Maybe go and hide with large number of bacon wrapped whoppers. So tasty.

Ok that last one was kinda mean. It was meant more for those guys who work at Time-Out while hiding in their parents basement every time a girl passes by.