Monday, January 15, 2007

Weekend of wow!

What a weekend that was brought to us all. Not only was the television filled with four great games of sport, but I discovered that the mutant frog in my closet can speak fluent Spanish. Which only continues to imply that the amphibian is smarter than even this winterly mammal.

Next weekend when the real Super Bowl is played (Pats at Colts), I will be watching in anticipation to see who will lay the smackdown on the Pop Warner champion of the NFC. I'm rooting for Manning because he finally deserves a chance at the big game, but as the San Diego game proved, its never smart to bet against Brady and Belichick. Still my gut tells me that this might be the year and his teammates have finally stepped up to supporting their leader. Peyton leads the Colts to the game, 27-24 over the Patriots. Vinateri hits at 43 yarder as time expires; money in the bag.

It appears that the actual arrival of the Master Chief may not be as far off as thought. I would say it looks cool, but such words might appear redundant. The suit is unbelievably outlandish and yet subtly appealing. The sentence, "Dear Santa for Christmas I want that," is already forming on my lips. Now if only I could get that bionic arm from I Robot, those zombie chickens wouldn't stand a chance.

Sometimes I wonder if there are any sane people in the world, and then I read something like this and I realize they do exist. But they are few and far in between. For years the bottled water industry has continued to pile plastic excrement on the earth, selling a product that is pointless to a point of evil self-indulgence. Much of the world has water which is likely to make one sick and we continue to shell out millions for wasted mineral water that was simply run through an overblown Brita filter. Welcome to the new industrial world, lets all celebrate by downing a few bottles of Poland Spring.