Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Illegitimate cherubs

The verdict is still in doubt. Those damnable politicians with cute little button noses have taken the first step towards absolution. Or so they hope. On the heels of a dry and empty threaded speech by the mighty emperor Bush, they have pushed forth resolutions to hang the Texan cowboy upside by his genitalia until he relents. Which of course will never happen. George's boys must be doubled over in nauseous pain. I just hope he doesn't upchuck on the Armed Services Committee. And the Flava of the Republican White House has decided to get in touch with his common roots. I don't know what this "hogwash" is, but I want in.

In other less substantial fare, it appears that Sony is bound and determined to sell the PS3 at $600. I'm guessing they wanna have it cover the production costs sometime before 2050. Not only has there been slew of pithing comments directed towards the Japanese giant by game programmers, but now the PS3 is gonna continue at the same expense as a cleveland steamer. My weekly allowance won't allow me both, and the steamer is actually sounding more fun. When did Sony go from must have to worse than an awful sexual proposition? Probably when they decided to send the entertainment market straight to hell by dividing the HD-DVD format. They pissed off the gods of capitalism.

In what has become a passing tradition for new roommates, I watched a rather hilarious classic kung fu movie. I use the word classic cautiously, the one voice over sounded rather similar to a drunken John Wayne. Who knew the duke had been so broke and liquored up. I cannot help but recommend East West DVD, whose primary market is those little $1 bins in your local grocery store. 90 minutes of unadulterated camp for one buck. If only there had been boobies.