Saturday, February 03, 2007

Back in the saddle

Ok, so its been a couple of long weeks what with the moving and the schooling of my unedumacated mind and all. But hopefully such painful rights of transition are behind me. Moving ever onward and forward into the dark embrace of mother nature's seriously generous bosom.

The media's propensity to decry fear and monger hatred within Americans expressed itself fully over the past week with the incidents in Boston. While the creators of the terrorist lite brite assault on the New England city were ultimately filled with foolishness, the city and the media at large wholly overreacted. If I were an actual terrorist, my bomb would not be covered in hundreds of blinking lights, illuminating a 8-bit image flipping asshats the bird. It would merely blow up. Yet once again we leave it to sensationalism and bureaucracy to fill the consciousness of the public with dreams of hyperbolic insanity. And the argument that we cannot do such things in a post 9-11 world is empty of all meaning. The instant that we change our lifestyles to prevent terrorism, it has already won. The war was over long ago. Yet on the sunnier side, there is this.

Apparently sharing lists over this interweb thing is becoming quite popular. And I can state with general certainty and listless sarcasm that such compounded fascinations are pointless, for the most part. However once in a while certain passive knowledge sites catch even my eye. Here you can find a list of the top 10 companies who hold private information.

Two things. First, it is infinitely exciting for some reason that Google does not hold the number one position on the list. It is certainly number one in my heart, next to that portable Slurpee machine I got for Christmas. Secondly is that I am not sure Amazon should truly qualify for the list. Generally Amazon recieves personal information voluntarily, whereas many others on the list do so in much shadier ways. I hear Microsoft actually hired a Internet Explorer necromancer to revive all the dead information lost by such an evil. Zombie pop-ups are being spotted everywhere. In Boston the authorities apparently thought it was a bomb.

Gamasutra, the Playboy magazine of video games has released their view of top multiplayer developments. Every game is deserved of a place, yet the group as a whole feels empty. I am not sure how both Smash TV and Gauntlet were left off the list, except perhaps to make room for the plagarist Battlefield titles. Reminiscing has made me pine for the excitement that was Tribes. A game that requires more skill and has fewer dicks than Counter-Strike (yes it is fully populated by homophobic males with the intelligence of a genetically enhanced jar of mayonnaise; you weren't dreaming). Having a jet pack would be so sweet.

Not only is the Christian Church facing vast losses of their followers, but the song of Apollo is luring Greeks away from orthodoxy. It is amusing how a structure devoted entirely to the preservation of classical ideals, hates the revival of interest in historicity. All hail the mighty Zeus, that thunderbolt which landed between my crotch scared me into belief. Oooh, another thing shared in common with Christianity and Boston.

Peace out my little cherubs.