Sunday, February 11, 2007

Love beyond boundaries

If you have looked on the interweb recently, the picture of a married couple has been floating about. The picture in question features an Iraq vet who returned to marry his childhood sweetheart. It is quite possibly the most important picture taken since the Iraq war began, because it displays the power of the heart in overcoming all adversity. You can find the story here, and I hope that it is shared with all your friends.

I guess Best Buy has decided that deception is the key marketing tool for economic success. Forget honoring online specials, our own intranet shows that you the customer was fooled. Go home but don't check that what you saw was the correct price, it wasn't. I mean look, I'm a customer service employess dressed in one of those outrageously bad blue polo shirts. Bend over and grip the table, this will only hurt for a few moments. I would go to Circuit City, but that place is like the Wal-Mart of electronics; filled with illiterate hicks who can't offer a difference between a Mac and a PC. I wanna open my own store, called Electronics for intelligent people. The problem is, intelligent people rarely buy utterly useless devices.

No longer is physical fitness any sort of priority; kids might fail gym class and that is bad. And the first step towards failure is to try, so we might as well remove any obstacles in life. Just get rid of gym class and kids no longer have to worry about failure. Forget obesity, heart disease and non-competitive natures, those problems will solve themselves. Of course it is better if our kids never fail or face adversity, it might damage their fragile psyches. I can't wait for the day when more than 3/4's of America's youth can do the Truffle Shuffle.

I'm dancing in a sea of pickle juice, licking the fingers of political vegetables.