Saturday, February 10, 2007

Like a cracked out Marilyn Monroe

While Anna Nicole Smith's death surprised even a prescient mind such as mine own, the amount of coverage that such a pointless and trivial life is receiving in the modern media is truly scary. Yes she was a celebrity albeit a useless one and yes her death was tragic. But had Marilyn Monroe died of a crack overdose, even she would not have received such airplay. It is truly saddening when the most important news of the day is the failed autopsy of a slutty blond tramp. Yes I said it and yes it was true. The media is placing Smith on a pedestal usually reserved for movie stars, forget writers, scientists and musicians. Whose gonna be the next tragic death, Flava Flav? I'll bet that'll be one pimping funeral.

I guess the scientific study of colleges has realized what any frat boy could tell you, that women drink as much as men. Having been and currently attempting to be a college student, I will vouch for the sanctity of coed beer pong. Many a virginity has been lost after several rousing matches with the bouncing white balls of intoxication. I can't believe that money is actually being wasted on determining who drinks more on college campuses. Why not ask who enjoys the donkey shows more, I am certain the results will astound you.

The epitome of internetual evolution (I have created another new term) is apparently facing economic collapse. Wikipedia, a paradigmatic example of what the internet was designed for is supposedly three to four months from financial failure. An example of free collective knowledge, this digital encyclopedia has exhibited startling growth and possibility while concern about its future has been largely ignored. My only fear is that this free range information database will fall into the hands of corporate aristocracy and lose the trustworthiness that has filled the ranks of its users. Microsoft and Wal-Mart have made known their antagonistic nature towards all things Wiki, until all articles are of a positive nature. The last bastion of free speech has now fallen to the bloggers whose rights will surely soon come under attack.

And here we come once again to the erosion of free and viable speech. The word "vagina" has entered the American canon of words which dare not be uttered nor seen by children. Welcome to a world where uncomfortable questions can be avoided by complaint, rather than the failed attempts by moronic parents to answer such questions. We live in a society dominated by fear, fear of attack, fear of sex and ear of knowledge. It would appear that medieval doctrines of life never disappeared. It's funny that the people who hate and fear radical Islamists share the most in common with them. Tonight its the Warriors of Jehova in the red corner and the Warriors of Allah in the blue corner, with knowledge and free expression having been knocked out in the first round.