Saturday, February 17, 2007

The only thing to fear is politicians

The media, politicians and corporations big and small all understand the power of fear. At its core fear is a way to monger illegitimate support. Perhaps more importantly it can be used for ever increasing economic gains. Fear is a motivator, a tool used by the elitist domination over the ignorant tribes of the American wasteland. Just look at the ignorance plaguing the Boston councils, the city's leaders fell prey to weak minded ideologies of fear. Henry Jenkins has a fascinating post on the politics of fear which can be found here. The main problem of fear mongering is that there exists no plausible way to defeat such unsound arguments. So I think the government in Boston overreacted to the vast Mooninite threat, apparently I am soft on terrorism. God forbid the concept that once you change a lifestyle in reaction to a threat against such lifestyle, the group creating the threat wins. I understand the need for security, but when such security is developed out of the lies of fear the terrorists have already defeated us. Just look at the French.

Speaking of ignorant viewpoints, I have been glorified to deliver a message on the same scale as intelligent design. Apparently the curvature of the horizon is a lie and Antarctica is nothing more than a 150 foot tall ice wall which shields us from the danger of the cosmos. Yes folks its true, the earth is flat at least according to these scientific experts. I guess that trip I took from Hawaii to Japan didn't actually fly over the pacific, rather the pilot lied on the voyage. As the nerve gas developed by the reverse vampires slowly sank into my bloodstream a call echoed across the fuselage. "Folks this is your captain, in order to avoid the the thralls of Satan's round world we will be gassing you for several hours. We will be arriving in Tokyo after turning around because the world ends exacrtly 4.2 miles ahead. This is Quantas airlines thanking you ahead of time." Its too bad that the rotation of the earth is nothing more than an illusion of man created to deal with the reality of flat earth. I guess decent explorer in the history of mankind was wrong. I hope the earth doesn't fall off the turtle's back, we might have an earthquake. Gravity was invented by the Rand corporation in 1994.

Sometimes I feel like the Atlas of common sense.