Thursday, February 08, 2007

We represent

The unfortunate situation of man's inevitable downfall is the return to medieval spiritualism, a sort of religious de-evolution one may say. Science is in itself a form of dogma, albeit one which relies on the ability of reason to answer the questionable rather than a sustaining faith in the face of the unknown. The dogma of science is that everything is ultimately answerable which unfortunatley creates a finite universe. And that is something which frightens our quasi religious friends. Christianity has no place in a finite universe because God is finite. Logic it seems is quite incompatable with our current religious practices. Just look at the hatred of evolution, a process quite intangibly linked to human existence and perhaps just as impressive a wonder as a god.

Last night's episode of Lost was actually quite good, though still not up to par with season 1. However the good news is that more questions were answered in the 42 minutes of television Wednesday night than in the previous six episodes before hiatus. Now if only they could show it in 3-d so Evangeline Lilly would walk into my living room. It'd be like watching a dirty, sexier Princess Leia do a little jingle.

It's too bad SSAD is a disease sweeping across America. I mean first it hits Ted Haggard and the Catholic Priests. But now comes the good news, America's foremost scientific authority, the church, has revealed that Same Sex Attraction Disorder can be cured. Huzzah, I just wonder where all the good designers and interior decorators will go. And if you can't tell, I'm being a sarcastic bastard. Homosexual men and women deserve the same rights and treatment as we would afford any other human being. Which if you look around the world, isn' that good after all. Oh Denny Crane where are you, I'll even buy you a midget that looks like Oprah. Hell screw Denny Crane, just hand me the midget.

Finally we come to another great blunder in the mess that is called "Iraq." After revealing that the Pentagon had sold weapons to both Iran and the Chinese, comes word that the U.S. dropped 4 billion dollars in cash money right into Baghdad. Supposedly the crates weighed 363 tons, which is almost as much as whats in Cheney's back pocket. We send 4 billion in cash to a country halfway around the world and I can't afford healthcare. Woot, the system wins again.