Monday, January 22, 2007

New Beginnings

So the move in to Purchase went rather smoothly. My roommate is pleasantly chill and has a rabid love of reggae, which I must state is infinitely cool. However there exist rumors abound that Purchase is actually nothing more than a breeding ground for Andy Warhol like terrorists. More on the impending doom to come.

Fox, the perennial example of all things thoughtfully simple has created yet another guilty pleasure of the delicious boob tube. The launch of "Are you smarter than a fifth grader?" will certainly be met with protestations and empty condemnation, and that does not deter me. Even the fact that merely opening my eyes during such entertainment will swallow my soul, I will not be able to turn away. I can only hope it is as good as it sounds, like Jeopardy after the slow long burn of crack. Maybe they can pull a couple of contestants from Stern's equivalent radio program. My heart flutters in bemused anticipation.

Slate has an intriguing article written because of the glorious success of Heroes. They give a thought provoking examination of primarily underground comics which are character based as opposed to the traditional realm of the utterly fantastical to the illustrated realm. It's argument succeeds even where it is not openly stated, comics like great literature are a form of artistry. It is sad however that they are relegated to below "24" in the cannon of American entertainment. I mean Jack Bauer is cool, but not as cool as a talking 40 foot cement monster. I know what you're thinking but I mean that other 40 foot talking monster. The one that's rather intricately drawn in monochrome.

Numerous times I have noted the disappearance of First Amendment rights, rights which have never fully embraced by the American politicians. Support for free speech is vociferously defended by hollow promises, ones which will so obviously go unfulfilled. Luckily the bill to force someone such as myself to register with the government just for spreading knowledge was swiftly defeated in Congress. Yet now the subpoenas are flying like chickens in heat. And they are just as morally corrupt, if chickens can be corrupt at all. One unlucky journalist is being forced to both release and corroborate quotes associated with a former soldier who argues the war in Iraq is both unjust and illegal. While the privacy of sources is not guaranteed in certain aspects (i.e. murder), in the case where the only crime is dissent. The military is necessary and uniformity pertinent, but in times of a unjust battle our leaders and the public must be made aware of it.

Welcome to the hell of journalistic integrity, where Free Speech is the first bastion of defense on the path to Hades. Because the Catholic Church is fully infallible.