Friday, January 05, 2007

Dancing evolution

Apparently the line of what distinguishes humanity from the creatures of mother nature is continuously blurred. While I can relate as a rather hairy snow enamored creature, even my vocabulary seems minuscule in comparison to such an impressive biped. Evolution may be a divine act, be it one independent of a supreme deity. Perhaps the driving force behind life's grand plan, is nothing more than change itself. Would it then be such a transgression to worship such a powerful universal influence? I plead the fifth.

Once again Sony has disappointed their fan base, whatever one remains that is. After stealing the Wii technology half heartedly, they now announce that force feedback is not compatible with the PS3. The next generation won't carry the rumbling amusement that already fills the controllers of the current generation. I fear for Sony, particularly after stories of untold numbers of PS3's growing dust on the shelves of EB Games. While I have been slightly impressed by the 360 of late, to imagine Microsoft dominating both the PC and console market frightens me. I think Bill Gates is actually attempting to become King of the Digital Age. He wears a emerald crown shaped like the windows logo. It's true, I have seen it.

Surreptitiously on the off chance that anyone else here watches football and Jeopardy, you understand the joy filling my heart when I realized the answer to final jeopardy was my own Buffalo Bills. Hoorah for the men of red and blue, at least they won in a way finally.

Here at last are my picks for the weekend. Ohio State 38 Florida 13 (The Buckeyes are merely too much for Meyer's boys to handle).
Indy 35 KC 28 (LJ still runs for close to 200)
Dallas 21 Seattle 20 (game of the weekend, just watch)
Philly 24 NY Giants 10 (Eli Manning will fold like a paper turkey in a tornado)
New England 35 NY Jets 7 (Belichick gets the most of Mangini for this time around)

Feel free to complain all you want, but that Dallas game is gonna be a doozy. Despite the fact that both teams are mediocre at best.