Thursday, January 04, 2007

Milk and cookies

Lately it appears that Apple is facing one quandary after another. Mere days after questions of variable stock options floated about the internet, now come rumors of monopolizing. Ironic that the antagonist of Microsoft would be thusly charged. Whether there is truth to such charges I can make no claim. However it is simple enough to state that despite the large number of digital audio programs, Itunes still remains a personal choice. Other programs seem only to aggravate my lack of organizational skills. The fact that Itunes automatically updates the music on my Ipod fills me with joy akin to a child with a rather large jawbreaker. The era of click and drag has hopefully finally passed us by.

Apparently the newly installed democratic majority has decided that its primary efforts would be best served by fighting institutional corruption. While I do agree that controlling private influxes of money into congress is a priority, new forms of legislation are likely to do little to control such problems. The link between corrupted officials and even more corrupt business leaders grows every day. Yet notice how little play within the national media the Abramhoff scandal has received. Controlling efforts and desires of elected politicians will most certainly have little effect, most favors are received deceitfully during the electoral process. Public campaign finance is assuredly the only possible answer, one which I will elaborate upon later.

Like a monkey with a large banana, at the moment I am otherwise engaged.