Saturday, January 13, 2007

Money in the bag

What a difference a year can make. Last year at this time Peyton Manning was spotted swearing in sheer agony as the kick sailed wide right. 2007 and the Colts have a leg which seems to never miss when the pressure is on. Congrats to the Colts and specifically Adam Vinateri, certainly a first ballot Hall of Famer.

Apparently Hideo Kojima has decided that the next-gen systems cannot handle the monstrosity that will be Metal Gear Solid 4. 25 gigs will not be enough for the game to appear on the PS3, so odds that it will become a multi-platform game are minuscule. It seems that I have a better chance of getting Vista to operate on my old 386. I have a feeling Konami will have Hideo committed within the coming months. If less than six months after its global launch the PS3 cannot support a flagship enterprise, the developers must be wondering what level of hell they have fallen to. I'm guessing the fifth, the last one where a Starbucks still exists.

The feminists are sure to delight in glee after I tear apart the Duke lacrosse case. By all appearances the woman was rather promiscuous, and after stripping at a party (I have nothing against strippers, it is just a viable profession as any other), decided that she could make out like a bandit by crying rape. I do not know what happened, and I am limited to the news given to me. Yet I cannot help but feel that two things occurred here: 1) The woman must be a total idiot 2) The D.A. seeking re-election and possible run at a congressional post suckered this idiot woman in. The larger problem with the case was the rush to judgment, particularly by the minority communities. These were upper class white males, who while they may be assholes should have been given the benefit of the doubt. Remember it is innocent until proven guilty in this country.

I will however state the obvious that in many criminal cases involving minorities they are often convicted before the trial begins, so perhaps it was not such a great sin in North Carolina to begin with. Of great concern must be the media coverage of trials. Often when one is convicted in public opinion, one will be convicted in trial. We need to remove the coverage of such useless and sensationalistic travesties of justice. Nancy Grace will spend eternity damned for being such an inconsiderate, ignorant bitch.