Sunday, January 14, 2007

Apologies all around

First I need to apologize for my small tirade yesterday. The woman may or may not be an idiot, that I cannot know. But I will maintain my position that she was duped by an overzealous district attorney whose power hungry desires contradicted those of justice. As if justice occurs often in this country anyway.

Secondly congrats to both the Colts and the Saints. Being the only person I know who at the beginning of the season picked the Saints to win the south (although i did think they would lose in the first round of the playoffs), would show that I have been imparted with powers of prescience. Of course I did pick the Carolina Panthers to win it all, but hey even Nostradamus was wrong occasionally. Maybe this is the year for Manning as well, he certainly is deserving of that golden ring.

It only took half a century but it has come to the attention of our lawmakers that many of them are crooked and continue to benefit even after leaving office. The only truly disappointing part of the legislation is that it does not end the benefits for those dregs of society who have already been convicted. Even while locked up they continue to benefit for acting in personal interests rather than in the best interests of the country. Another example of how this country has confused the concepts of democracy with the opposing beliefs of capitalism.

As many of you know, I have an uncle who is mentally deficient because of a drunk driving crash (which was his own fault and did not injure anyone innocent thankfully). Because of this I am adamantly filled with rage towards anyone caught with a D.W.I., despite that I realize drunk drivers do not cause a vast amount of deaths. More babies die each year because they were not able to see a doctor, and that as well angers me as it should you.
These two pieces of news cannot be ignored. A man in Corpus Christi who killed an innocent teenage boy because he was D.W.I., was sentenced to only 10 years probation with no prison sentence. Proof once again that Texans who claim to be part of the moral majority are nothing more ignorant bastards. How this can pass I do not know, but we will convict a woman for 40 years for accidentally showing 10 year olds some pornography. Violence can be forgiven but anything dealing with sexuality must be swiftly and harshly punished. Puritanism values for the win.
I also came across this press release from MADD, who supported and officer that did not arrest a republican congressman from Delaware after he was pulled over with a blood alcohol content of .14. With such intoxication I was surprised the congressman could find his keys. He pulled out the legislator card and was allowed to call a friend for a ride home. And MADD supports the police officer who let him go. This is inexcusable, both the officer and the congressman should be locked up for a decade. What would have happened if a child had died... more probation. Personal responsibility no longer exists in this country, nor does accountability.

Perhaps when we are compared to apes, the scientists are not far off at all. This yeti's blood has been angered like only a sarsaparilla could do. Time to go for a run.