Monday, October 08, 2007

Women can't act (at least according to Warner Brothers!) and the internet has killed all writing

First off on the big news of the day which I think will become nothing more than the usual article of corporate bullshit. Warner Brothers has decided that it will no longer make movies with female leads. Now this has elicited but one understandable response being "What the fuck?" Now as both a businessman and crusader of equality (although not as that ignorant lawyer Gloria Allred sees it), I can understand both sides of the argument. Warner Brothers as a business needs to be profitable and female leads apparently aren't rolling in the big bucks. On the other less ethically challenged hand pulling female leads smacks of misogyny. But I think I understand the problem better than most. Take The Brave One, Jodie Foster's recent pic which flopped at the box office. Women don't want to watch revenge flicks, and men don't want to watch women in revenge flicks. Just like men don't want to watch romantic comedies and women generally don't want to watch male leads in romantic comedies. It's a simple matter of choice, not some deep conspiracy against women's empowerment no matter what some feminist lawyer with her head up her ass might say. Despite the fact that I agree somewhat (women should only have leads in certain types of movies, the same with men), I can't help but feel this idea is only going to backfire horribly against Warner Brothers.

The second big news of the day is this interesting article on the impact the internet has had on professional writing. It's hard as you read further down the article to note the difference between these supposed professional writers. Half appear comfortable with the fact that as technology evolves so too must their modus operandi. The other half sounds like a bunch of old dinosaurs who are afraid that the big bad internet will huff and puff and blow their carefully calculated careers to the ground. And just like the dinosaurs I expect such writers and their inability to evolve to quickly become extinct.