Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Oh my god its a penis, everyone run.

Once again the Bush campaign has proved that science has no place in America. Damn those pesky facts, they just keep getting in the way don't they? Despite the fact that there are now hundreds (no that is not pure bullshit) of studies on the inefficacy of abstinence only programs, our faith filled administration is determined to keep telling us that sex is wrong. At least sex outside of marriage or gay sex at the worst. This even though abstinence only has not only been proved to be utterly useless but also more than likely actually harmful (as in increasing rates of pregnancy and STD's). I find it amusing that the United States is mirroring Europe just before their collapse into the dark ages. If we equate Washington with Rome the comparisons are startlingly relevant. A once proud nation filled with educated citizens and a strong military has a leader that is daily being revealed to be more ignorant and hate filled than that neo-nazi I have tied up in my backyard. I find it hysterical that we have no problem with a penis being cut off in a movie but a sixteen year old having sex is the devil's work. Even more amusing is that abstinence only seems to defy the concept of "spread and multiply" doesn't it.