Thursday, October 04, 2007

A little scared but just more annoyed than anything

Ok so this has been a while coming, I apparently can disappear for months at a time. The inability to finish a product of pure creativity is apparently a symptom of the insanity that runs through my familial lineage. But I am trying to ignore those deficits of insanity while using its benefits to my advantage. The recent scare of testicular cancer has not helped but it has not been a detriment either. But enough of that, I do not have cancer or at least I do not have cancer in my nutters. At least I quit killing my lungs with those sticks of black tar and death. Who says you need a Jedi to stop smoking?

Being a professional student the awards of financial aid have been increasingly piling up. Or rather the debt being that my awards have been ludicrously reduced every semester for some unknown and powerful reason. One must wonder if the Secretary of Education, (a one Mrs. Margaret Spellings, a name seemingly destined for teaching) reviews my file yearly and stamps it with a big red "Let's give him shit". Or that's how it appears to this bemused and un-humbled (not sure if that was a word until now) scholar.

It is obvious to everyone except those who live by self-delusion and a failure of recognition that over the past twenty years that gap between rich and poor has widened to a complete canyon. One in which the sunset glows an eerily nuclear green over that growing economic chasm. The issue is not that we are unaware of such a gulf but that the solutions appear ever more ludicrous and ignorantly evil. I do not assume the empty option of equity, but rather the concept of equality that supposedly this country was founded on (it wasn't but that can be saved for another day). As citizens of the "greatest country in the world" should all have the option to nurture our natural talents, yet America seems designed to not only hide greatness but to slowly manipulate and destroy it. There exists almost no real help for those who need it, welfare is nothing more than a joke. We do not care for the children of the poor or the middle class, rather we would prefer to watch Paris Hilton end up in jail. Let us forbid talking about the number of intelligent yet poor children who will not eat a meal tonight and end up malnourished inhibiting their cognitive development. I would ask if our President ever went without dinner but then I realized his brain damage is a combination of previous cocaine use and being dropped on his head too many times as a baby. So that last comment might have gone too far, but it was so easy; almost too easy. Harping on a point that has become almost empty I can not help but repeat what has been said so many times before; we spend hundreds of billions on a war that is not only unjust but dangerous and carries the spark of pure hatred, yet we cannot feed millions of our children. The "greatest country in the world?" I hope not otherwise this world is looking awfully pathetic at the moment.