Friday, October 05, 2007

The tasty apple and women's vote

Apple that once mighty champion of the underdog, pinnacle of the rebellion against the evil empire (Microsoft) is daily looking more and more like said empire. Of course everyone and their mother wants an Iphone, I'd offer my first born for one that works with Verizon. Yet apparently Apple has decided to turn about ten percent of their product into nothing more than shiny paperweights with their most recent firmware update. For the numbers look here, and the paperweight thingy can be found all over said internet. But not only is Apple trying to brick the phones of anyone who doesn't use that AT&T monstrosity, but is also apparently bricking those phones with third party apps. Funny how the champion of the underdog, the tool of those who are supposedly truly educated is slowing eradicating the source of its largest support. Apple's first possible mistake was linking the phone with a single carrier. While such a plan obviously has benefits my personal belief is that such a partnership was formed out of necessity. I don't think Apple could produce enough phones to supply the demand it would have seen. The thing that I think Apple has to fear is that some powerful japanese tech company will improve and bypass the Iphone. But then again has anyone made a better mp3 player than the Ipod?

Now for a lesson in hypocrisy thanks to the ever virulent mouth of one Anne Coulter. Apparently she thinks women and single women in particular should not be allowed to vote. I find such a notion absolutely hysterical being that she herself has never found that perfect squeeze to succubize the life out of. I mean just look at her, am I the only one who sees those damned wings and fangs? Apparently. There have been a number of ridiculous propositions from those social conservatives that actually reach the light of day. Yet I am amazed that the concept of repealing essentially the whole suffrage movement has not brought down the wrath of those hairy pitted feminists. Be careful Anne or you might find a large group of large and overly muscular women looking to kick your ass with large smiles under their mustaches.